March Madness Predictions

19 Mar

You would think I’d learn! Every year I fill out one of these brackets and, without fail, the vast majority of my picks go up in flames by the second round. I must admit that I don’t follow college basketball too closely for several reasons, the most practical of which is that I live in London and so don’t see many games live. I do know – or at least I have a hunch – about the following facts:

1) The Big 10 is by far the best conference in college basketball so I feel reasonably comfortable picking 3 of their teams (Michigan, Indiana and Ohio St) to make the Final Four. I know the Big 10 hasn’t won a title since Michigan State’s 2000 run but don’t you think they’re due?

2) Despite my pronouncement about the supremacy of the Big 10, I still believe Duke will win the tourney. They’ve had their bumps along the way this season, mostly due to star player Ryan Kelly’s injury, but he’s back and unless you’re UNLV from back in the day, it’s always better to have some adversity before the big dance. Their big test will be Louisville but sorry Rick Pitino, your team is going to lose to Coach K yet again (here’s hoping this game is as good as the famous Duke-Kentucky buzzer beater)!

3) I’ve completely ignored Gonzaga because a) I had to google the school to find out it’s in Washington and b) they play in something called the West Coast Conference. I don’t care they’re a #1 seed, Gonzaga has zero track record in this tourney.

4) My bracket will most likely blow up when the upset I’ve failed to predict inevitably happens so when that occurs, forget this post ever happened!



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